Police officers may feel the need to stop vehicles for various reasons. However, reasonable suspicion and probable cause are both necessary in order to charge a driver with DUI after a traffic stop takes place. If an issue with the stop or subsequent arrest exists, the driver may be able to use that as part of his or her DUI defense.

One man in Pennsylvania may be looking into this possibility and other defense options after recently being charged. According to reports, the man was driving a vehicle when police stopped him. Officers purportedly believed the man’s vehicle to be suspicious, but details regarding what caused them to have this belief were not given in the report. Nonetheless, they stopped the man’s vehicle in a school parking lot.

The man reportedly stated that he had just dropped off his girlfriend because she needed to check on her son. It was unclear where this drop-off occurred. For undisclosed reasons, officers apparently suspected that the man was intoxicated, and reports stated that his blood alcohol concentration level was .194 percent. It was not mentioned what testing method was used to determine this level. As a result, the man is facing charges for DUI and careless driving.

In order to handle his case in a meaningful way, this Pennsylvania man will certainly want to assess his traffic stop, arrest and other aspects of his predicament. Even the smallest detail could play an important part in his DUI defense. In order to better understand his case, he may wish to gain information from local legal resources.