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If you’re embroiled in a custody battle, you need a driven legal ally you can trust. At Holt Law in Houston, Attorney Aaron Holt understands the complexities involved and is committed to protecting your family’s well-being. From securing joint custody to modifying an existing arrangement, our experienced child support attorneys are capable of handling any legal issue that threatens to come between you and your child. 

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Parental Rights Attorney: What Child Custody Involves

Child custody matters in Houston, TX, entail different types of arrangements and other important considerations. Here’s a brief overview:

Joint Managing Conservatorship (JMC): Both parents equally share decision-making responsibilities, although one may still have primary residence rights. If possible, this form of shared custody is usually considered to be the most beneficial for a child. 

Sole Managing Conservatorship (SMC): Only one parent has primary decision-making authority and custody.

Possessory Conservatorship: Typically granted to the non-custodial parent, providing visitation rights but no ability to make final decisions on the child’s behalf. 

Arrangement Modifications: An existing custody arrangement is eligible for modification after three years. However, other extenuating circumstances, such as the child’s preference (if over 12 years old) or voluntary relinquishment by a parent for at least six months, can necessitate change. Holt Law’s child custody modification attorneys can facilitate requests of this nature. 

Child Support: In most cases, payment is determined by who has physical custody. The non-custodial parent is typically responsible, based on a percentage of their income.

Visitation Rights: Non-custodial parents have visitation rights, termed “possession and access,” with the court order specifying the time allotted.

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How Custody Is Determined

A child’s best interests are always the number one priority, but many other considerations are also used to determine custody arrangements. These factors include:

Whether you’re facing divorce, separation, or any other circumstances involving child custody, Holt Law has the experience and knowledge needed to argue your case effectively. Our child custody attorneys are skilled in the nuances and requirements of Texas law. We evaluate your background, current situation, and all relevant information to tailor an approach that fits your specific needs. This expertise allows Attorney Holt Law to achieve equitable custody arrangements consistently on behalf of clients.


As leading parental rights attorneys, we’re dedicated to protecting your relationship with your children. We will leverage our legal resources to pursue the most favorable outcome and the maximum visitation or decision-making rights for every type of conservatorship. If circumstances change once the court has made its decision, Attorney Aaron Holt can also help you petition for an improved arrangement that better reflects your situation. 

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A custody dispute can have a profound impact on you and your children, determining your role in their lives for years to come. That’s why Holt Law is here to be your unwavering advocate in family law. Our experienced attorneys fight tirelessly to ensure your voice as a parent is heard and that your children’s needs are upheld throughout this difficult process.

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