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In life, legal challenges can arise unexpectedly, necessitating the support of a competent attorney. In Humble, when your freedom is at stake due to a criminal charge you’ll find unwavering support with our experienced and respected defense attorneys at Holt Law.


Founded by  Attorney Aaron Holt, Holt. Law was established with the mission to deliver outstanding, efficient, compassionate, and affordable legal representation to those in need. Our firm’s proven track record in and outside the courtroom underscores our commitment to excellence, and our defense attorneys in Humble are ready to employ their vast expertise to support your case.

Facing criminal charges in Texas is a serious affair, and it’s crucial to have a top-tier criminal defense attorney from Humble by your side to safeguard your rights and contest the charges laid against you.

Our firm is wholly committed to our clients. Our attorneys in Humble have seen firsthand how the right legal counsel can dramatically alter the outcomes—from potential ruin to preserved freedom and success. We are accessible to answer your queries, guide you through your options, and aggressively work towards the best achievable outcome in your legal battles.

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Over the years, Holt Law has garnered numerous accolades for the dedication of Attorney Aaron Holt in advocating for our clients. He personally handles cases from inception to conclusion, ensuring your rights, reputation, and freedom are vigorously defended throughout the judicial process to secure the most favorable resolution.


During a one-on-one consultation, Attorney Holt will meticulously evaluate your case, outline your legal options, and strategize a tailored defense to combat the charges against you. No matter the complexity of your situation, our firm pledges to strive for a not-guilty verdict, dismissal of your case, or a reduction of charges to minimize potential criminal penalties such as incarceration. Seek our proactive and robust legal representation without delay.

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