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Your Trusted Family Lawyer for Humble Residents

Navigating the legal system can be daunting, particularly in family law matters that can significantly change relationships and stir strong emotions. At Holt Law in Humble, we grasp the difficulties you’re facing and offer our guidance with empathy and expertise. Family law spans various legal areas, and Attorney Aaron Holt specializes in delivering personalized support that addresses your individual needs. He is committed to providing the advice and representation needed to safeguard your interests and help you advance confidently.

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Our Family Law Services

At Holt Law in Humble, we provide a range of services tailored to help our clients move into their next life phase smoothly. These services include:


Divorce is a pivotal, stressful life event that brings numerous legal considerations. Our team of seasoned family court attorneys will support you throughout the entire divorce process, managing all the technical details and documentation. Whether you seek a peaceful agreement or need strong representation in disputes over asset division or child custody, we are here to advocate vigorously for you.

Property and Asset Division

Dividing assets during a divorce is often contentious. Our experienced family lawyers excel in complex property division cases, ensuring fair representation of your needs. We help with asset identification and valuation, aiming to prevent prolonged disputes and achieve equitable settlements.

Child Custody

When children are involved, custody and visitation issues are paramount. We prioritize your children, vowing to protect their best interests while arranging their welfare. Whether it involves setting visitation schedules or negotiating custody types, we strive to protect your parental rights effectively.
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Your Reliable Advocate in Family Law Matters

Every family law case is unique, filled with its own challenges and complications. Holt Law commits to providing personalized attention to each client. We listen to your concerns, clearly explain your options, and create a legal strategy that aligns with your specific needs and goals.

Our approach is compassionate, recognizing the emotionally charged nature of these cases and their deep impact on all involved. With extensive experience in a wide array of divorce scenarios, our attorneys are prepared to handle even the most challenging legal disputes. If necessary, we are equipped to gather evidence supporting your claims and prepare any necessary documents and witnesses to ensure a favorable outcome.

Why Choose Holt Law?

Attorney Aaron Holt knows that Humble families deserve expert legal guidance through every step of their family law cases, given the significant consequences these cases can have on personal well-being and relationships. Our firm handles each case with the sensitivity it warrants, ensuring you receive the comprehensive support you need.

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When your family’s future hangs in the balance, you need a staunch advocate who will defend your rights relentlessly. Holt Law isn’t satisfied until you have a fair resolution that addresses all your unique circumstances and needs.

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