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Murder and homicide are two of the most serious of all violent crimes in the United States, and their consequences are life-altering. At Holt Law, we understand the gravity of murder and homicide charges and are committed to providing an unwavering defense to those facing them. Our Houston murder and homicide defense attorney is dedicated to securing the best possible outcome for our clients, whether it’s getting the charges dropped, reduced, or achieving an acquittal at trial. With a focus on personal, compassionate, and effective defense, we stand by your side during these challenging times.

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Murder Charges & Penalties

Understanding the nuances of murder charges is crucial when facing such grave allegations. In the state of Texas, there are three distinct types of murder charges:

First-Degree Murder

First-degree murder is the most serious, involving premeditated and unlawful killing. A conviction can result in either life imprisonment without parole or the death penalty, making it imperative to have expert legal representation.

Second-Degree Murder

This charge applies to situations where a person is killed in the heat of the moment, without premeditation, or during the commission of a felony. Conviction carries the possibility of life imprisonment, highlighting the need for a strong defense.

Third-Degree Murder

Third-degree murder encompasses killings that do not meet the criteria for the other two forms of homicide. It may involve malice that was not intentional or occurred during the commission of a felony, with a maximum prison sentence of 40 years upon conviction.

Legal Defenses Against Murder & Homicide Charges

While the severity of murder and homicide charges cannot be understated, it’s essential to understand that effective legal defenses can make a significant difference in your case. At Holt Law, we explore various strategies, including but not limited to:

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Let Our Experienced Murder and Homicide Lawyer Fight for Your Freedom

Being charged with murder does not equate to guilt. Our Houston murder defense attorney is ready to investigate your case meticulously, gather supporting evidence, and challenge any violations of your rights or weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument. Let us protect your rights and secure your future.

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