Drug Possession is usually charged as Knowing and Intentional Possession. This charge means that you are charged with simple possession of narcotics as a misdemeanor, not the more serious Possession with the Intent to Delivery (PWID).

Many of those arrested for selling drugs are in fact only drug users, overcharged and jailed rather than given the treatment they need and desire. I take special pride in aggressively defending against drug charges because I believe that the War On Drugs has done far more harm than good. It has destroyed families and communities and it has resulted in the imprisonment of non-violent first time offenders. The system is out of control, and Holt Law will fight long and hard to prevent the dishonest convictions that happen every day.

There are many possible drug-related charges. Drug charges may be relatively minor, such as possession of a small amount of certain drugs, or they may be more severe, such as manufacturing, distributing and delivering drugs. Generally, the criminal charges increase depending upon the type and quantity of drugs a person possesses and whether a person is charged with possession or distribution of the illegal narcotics.

Under Pennsylvania law, a conviction for drug possession requires proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant: (1) knowingly and intentionally possessed a controlled substance without a valid prescription; (2) knew the drug was an illegal controlled substance; and (3) had actual control or possession of the drug. Though drug possession is considered a relatively minor drug crime, its penalties can be severe. For example, in Pennsylvania, simple possession of marijuana has a “mandatory minimum” six-month loss of your driving license.

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